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Roof Insulation

Located in Boisbriand, Les Couvreurs Toit-Direct specialize in roof insulation.

We operate within a 65 km radius from our premises and everywhere on the North Shore of Montreal to guarantee a professional work.

A properly insulated roof guarantees your comfort

Make the most of our know-how in the roofing insulation. We specialize in the insulation technique using inorganic blowing wool in particular. We work on all types of sloping roof.

We check the state of your roof before carrying out the insulation process in order to propose effective solutions adapted to their circumstances. By correctly isolating your roof, we are able to optimize the comfort of your building.

Roof Insulation, Boisbriand

Effective solutions for your roof insulation


Roof Insulation, Boisbriand

A quality service in sync with the standards

Be it to isolate the roof of a new house or the roof of an existing house, just give our skilled roofers a call. Be aware that incorrect attic insulation can cause the formation of ice rubble and thus reduce your roof’s lifespan. Another reason why you should let our professionals handle your roof insulation.

You will witness a quality service in sync with industry standards. 

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Additional services offered:

Rooftop snow removal

The installation of gutters with or without spikes

Blown wool

Carpentry works

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