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Les Couvreurs Toit-Direct are located in Boisbriand.

Our tinsmiths are here to help you and use their skills for any work related to your metal roof.

Certified and professional tinsmiths

We master the whole concept of the tinsmith industry. Our field expertise cover all aspects related to metal roofing projects, in particular the installation of steel shingle roofs. We have certified and professional tinsmiths who guarantee the success of your project, regardless of its size.

They will give you advice in order for you to choose the best roof sheathing option that best suits your roof. We are meticulous and efficient while installing your roof, so that it correctly fulfils its main role of protection and insulation.

Tinsmith work, Boisbriand

We guarantee the effectiveness of your roof in terms of protection and insulation.


Tinsmith work, Boisbriand

Benefit from our tinsmiths’ experience

Our mission is to best assemble the metal parts necessary to cover up the roof of your building. Our 15 years of experience have strengthened our skills, allowing us to adapt to any type of sheeting.

Whatever dimensions or roof you wish to install, our tinsmiths will give you advice and install the sheeting carefully. In the event of a leak, infiltration or sealing problem, we quickly intervene to work on the required adjustments to be made.

We can work on any type of sheeting.


What we offer:

15 years of experience


Personalized advice


Very competitive price

For all your projects in Montreal and on the North Shore, we are here to carry them out.